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Since the 5K accomplishment, I have come so far.  My second race was run in October.  Even more exciting, I decided to participate in the Warrior Dash in November! It’s particularly common for my friends to catch me challenging myself on a daily basis; whether it’s signing up for a physical contest or just starting up a friendly competition at the gym.  The challenges keep me motivated and they keep fitness enjoyable.

Since January 2009 I have now lost 110 pounds and well over sixty inches off of my body.  That’s a small to average size person, by the way!  Although such great accomplishments thus far, I have not reached the finish line for this journey.  My weight loss phase is near its end, but is still in full swing. My current goal is to lose at least another twenty pounds and to maintain a body fat percentage of 21% or less.  Close, but not there yet!

Much of my accomplishments would not have been possible without Sam, my personal trainer.  Today I am stronger than ever before, both in body and in mind.  He has enlightened me in more ways than I can express.  In addition to revealing my fitness capabilities, Sam has been an incredible nutritionist.

My nutritional habits have recovered tremendously.  Of course, there is always room for improvement; however I couldn’t be more pleased with my lifestyle and the choices I make today.  I monitor every form of fuel that enters my body.  I eat mostly raw foods, prepare my meals and rarely consume adult beverages. Online journaling and tracking has helped me to be most successful.  With that being said, I occasionally (just for variation) grab a pen and notepad and will manually journal nutrition or workouts until I need another adjustment.

One of the most significant lessons I have learned (and there are many) is that a person has to want to be healthy for his/herself.  If your goals are not YOUR goals, you may be setting yourself up for failure.  It is not an act of selfishness to long for a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, it’s the exact opposite.  How can a person take care of others without taking care of him/her first?  People will be supportive.  I have made more friends in the health and fitness world than I could have ever visualized and the support from them and other loved ones is more than remarkable.

It’s considerably more fun to ramble on and on about my achievements and successes, but it is vital for others to understand that struggles are just as much a part of this story, as in any story.  While I’ve found a new love for running, I’ve also discovered a painful condition, plantar’s fasciitis.  Losing over 100 pounds is quite the victory, but now I must consider my options and risks concerning excess skin.  My point is this: the scuffles a person faces and experiences make the triumph that much more treasured.  Facing those struggles is not something that a person will regret.

My future is looking brighter than ever.  The possibilities are limitless.  I cannot wait to see where the fitness industry and my passion for healthy living take me. This life I am living is a marathon, and I have a long, strong run ahead!  My gratitude may never be thoroughly shown for those who have educated me, supported me, and doubted me.  So many persons have inspired me in ways that they may not ever apprehend.  I only hope to live up to a fraction of that inspiration.



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