Hi, I’m Kyra Williams, The Get In Shape Girl, and this is what I used to look like…..

From This…

and After Using This Program, This is What I Look Like NOW!

To This…

and i can show you how to do it too!

From the desk of The Get In Shape Girl, Author of The Twelve Week Bikini Guide: A 12 Week Comprehensive Workout Program To Get Your Bikini Body

Hey there Bikini Gals!

Have you been checking out photos online of your local bikini competitions?

Been ooh-ing and aah-ing over photos of all the girls in scrunch butt bikinis in the fitness mags?

Are you thinking about competing or just wishing YOU COULD HAVE that body?


After years of fine tuning my body to get stage ready, I have figured out EXACTLY what you need to do to make your body lean and mean!  I work in a gym and I see a lot of women spending hours upon hours on a treadmill, bored to death.  I also see women following their boyfriends around the gym trying to bench press too much weight and get frustrated and give up.  Neither of these methods are going to help you get your Bikini Body.

First, you need to make sure that the workout program is one you can follow.  If it seems complicated, difficult or daunting you just won’t stick with it, and you definitely won’t see results!!

And if the program calls for endless amounts of cardio then you aren’t going to get the muscle tone you NEED to get that lean and TONED bod!

Get The Bikini Body You Want NOW!

It’s a matter of finding the right balance of weight training, high intensity cardio, and steady state cardio.

But how do I find that balance?” you ask… Well leave that to THE PROFESSIONALS!!!

Like I said, I’ve been doing this for years – as a matter of fact back in 2005 I transformed my own body from 160 PLUS pounds, a very unhealthy and uncomfortable size 10 to a 125 pound size 2 through proper exercise and nutrition. Oh, and I am pretty friggin STRONG NOW!

When it comes to getting stage ready there’s no time for guessing or trial and error.  When it comes to getting ready for Bikini Season you want results and you want them NOW.

This workout program is streamlined to get you started the day you open it!  There is NO GUESS WORK.  The workouts are laid out for you day by day.  So you won’t wake up and think, “Well, it’s Tuesday.. should I run today or lift arms?” THE ANSWER IS THERE FOR YOU!!

What if I could show you a way to stay motivated all week long so YOU can get YOUR BIKINI BODY FASTER?

FIVE Things You Will NOT Get From My Bikini Program

  • Endless Amounts of Boring Cardio
  • The Same Workouts Day In and Day Out
  • Your Boyfriend’s Meathead Workout For Bulking Up
  • Workouts That Leave You Unfulfilled
  • Confusion of What To Do!

This E-Book Contains 12 Weeks of High Intensity and Results Driven Workouts Designed To Get You Bikini Ready!


I implement the trusted method of Circuit Training to help you optimize YOUR fat loss potential as well as your ability to gain lean muscle that will help you look LEAN and TONED.  This method of training has been PROVEN to produce an equal or greater caloric deficit than cardio alone, while also helping you increase your lean muscle mass through STRENGTH TRAINING!

I also implement HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING, or HIIT, which will:

  • Help you work in YOUR Cardiovascular Zone
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Increase your Caloric Output

Before and After Photos from using this Ebook!

   This is me, The Get in Shape Girl!  Look at me covering my stomach at the beach!

I can’t believe I went out with shirts like that!

Now I walk around in Bikini’s and drive my boyfriend crazy!

One of my proudest Before and After Photo’s!

Click on the picture to enlarge!

This is my girl who wanted to get ready for BEACH Season!

Talking about losing the pregnancy weight!  Look at those arms!

The Finishing Touches!

From Over 160 Pounds & Depressed to Happy and Healthy!

Pudgy and Poor Posture to Ripped and Standing Straight!

Then and Now!

If I can do it, and they can do it, WHY can’t You DO IT?

“Some of the workouts with warm-ups and cool downs are over an hour long.   Her workouts are easy to follow, keep me moving and sweating.  I just enjoy them.  I have a love/hate relationship with all the grunt work she makes you do but you know what I wouldn’t feel as confident and as good about my body like I do now if I didn’t do it!!!  She’s made me stronger and has pushed me definitely like I haven’t been pushed before or a workout program has!”

“ You can’t see all of the definition I have when I move. Like the definition in my calves & my thighs when I walk. My back looks so strong, and my arms…. now when I raise my arm there is no ‘fluff’ the little under arm jiggle/wiggle is gone – NOW there is a line where my bicep now resides. (-:

You cant see that I am stronger. I upped my weight across the board. I am no longer intimidated to pick up the heavier weight first. Even if I get just 2-3 good reps with a higher weight – I got for it. I tear it up like an animal now, it feels amazing! I owe you Kyra. I know I put in the work, sweat and time – but you were there the entire time pushing, inspiring, motivating me and kicking my ass! (hugs) you are the best and I let everyone know you are! [From the woman in the yellow and American Flag Bikini]”


“Kyra started me on HIIT about a month and a half ago. I had been struggling with a weight plateau for a few months, and although I was getting toned from my workouts, I wasn’t seeing the weight loss results I wanted. After only a couple of weeks, I was able to finally break through the plateau! More importantly, I find that by integrating the HIIT into my workout routine, I have become more disciplined overall with my exercise and diet, and am challenging myself to things I wouldn’t have before, like my first 5K next week (and that is from someone who hates running!). So glad Kyra introduced HIIT to me!”

“It seems easy and then once I start doing the exercises I get my reality check and I’m drenched in sweat by the time I’m done.”

Have You Ever Tried A Workout Like This Before?

My Workouts Will Leave You Soaked in Sweat and Asking For More!

Tell me that won’t leave you dripping with sweat!  Go ahead, print it out and use it TODAY!  I DARE YOU!

“Booty Blast Workout”

            • Extra Booty Workout to help you get your booty high and tight!

            • Get rid of Cellulite Dimples!

            • Plyometric and DEEP Isometrics to target the Glutes!

“The Core Killer Workout”

            • Work that SIX Pack for Summer!

            • Reach those difficult lower Abdominals!

            • Get that Flat, Stage, and Summer Ready Stomach!

“The Core Killer Shoulder Workout”


            • Get your shoulders ready for Bikini’s and Tank’s while working the abs!

            • Reach the next level with Planks and Shoulder Taps!

            • Crunches get boring! Work your abs and lower back with NEW Variations!

“I could easily sell this E-book for over $67.  The amount of information provided including STEP BY STEP Workouts to get you to REACH YOUR BIKINI BODY is easily worth more than $100 (I have been told we are crazy for selling it this cheap), but your success is important to me so I want to make it affordable & give you no reasons why not to buy this book.  I could sell it for $47 but I am not.  Buying now you can own this book for $44.95 $34.95”

You must act now to get this price! It will be going back up to $44.95 SOON!


 Only $34.95

Twelve Week Bikini Guide

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