Get ‘yer taters.. Get ‘em while theyre’ hot!

This year for Turkey Day I’m bringing a sweet potato dish.

I adore my boyfriend’s family.  They welcome me into their homes at every holiday since my family lives far away in North Carolina and Arizona.  But they like their regular dishes and mine tend to be looked over.  So this year I’m paying no mind to what anyone else may want, and I’m bringing something that is out right HEALTHY.

This is gonna be my dessert too because I’m ready to get my abs back, damnit!

So help me decide.. I have so many awesome sweet potato recipes to choose from and I don’t know which looks best!

What do you think?  What are you bringing to the table… literally?

Coconut Cardamom Sweet Potatoes

 Basic Sweet Potato Pie

 Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie 

Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

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